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Sajia Sultana Kabir

Sajia Sultana Kabir is a dancing songwriter, theatrical bellydancer, and singing actress based in Vancouver BC. She is passionate about classical and folk art forms, science fiction and fantasy, avant-garde and DIY performance, and social justice. She wishes to share her sometimes disturbing, always compassionate visions of the world with a wide audience.

Michel Beaudry

A freelance writer for the last thirty-five years, Michel Beaudry has roamed the world in search of great and unique stories to tell. He has eaten whale with Greenland Inuit, hiked above the clouds with Inca descendants, retraced the Silk Route with Kyrgyz horsemen and followed Morocco’s hashish trail with Berber friends. And his thirst for adventure is far from quenched. Inspired by the classical edict mens sana in corpore sano, the sexagenarian continues to push the performance envelope, whether he’s setting first ski tracks on a remote peak in northern Alaska or performing a live storytelling gig for a gaggle of graduate art students. His award-winning tales have appeared in GQ, Reader’s Digest, Outside, Sports Illustrated, The Globe & Mail, Canadian Business, the much lamented Equinox Magazine, Britain’s Daily Mail, France’s Le Monde and dozens of other publications. The widowed father of two amazingly talented daughters, Beaudry is currently enrolled at SFU’s The Writer’s Workshop, where he is hard at work on his first novel.